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"Shanghai Ocean University" (the original "Shanghai Fisheries University") was founded in 1992, is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in charge of Shanghai Ocean University, in aquatic science and technology-based integrated academic journals. In reflecting school science disciplines while and incorporate the latest domestic and international aquaculture industry dynamics and scientific achievements, and promote academic exchanges and prosperity and teaching research. To 2017 "Shanghai Ocean University" has published 26 volumes of 160 pages per volume.

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Feature Article
  • ZHU Zhe, HU Peinan, LI Weiming and ZU Yao
    Zebrafish tbx20 gene knockout using CRISPR/Cas9 system and its related functions analysis



    [PDF 552KB] (167)

    • CHENG Fangyuan, TAO Ziyu and LI Chenhong
      Species identification of Coilia brachygnathus, C. nasus and C. nasus taihuensis with SNP markers



      [PDF 552KB] (186)

      • LAN Tianyi, NIU Donghong, LIU Xiaojun, PENG Maoxiao and LI Jiale
        Sequence analysis and bacterial agglutination of C-type lectin gene ScCTL-2 in Sinonovacula constricta



        [PDF 552KB] (163)

        • YAO Yun, LIU Kehai and HU Xiaoqian
          Effects of pterostilbene on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory cytokine expression in macrophages



          [PDF 552KB] (97)

          • ZHANG Zhen, HU Zhongjun, SHI Xianhe, REN Liping, PAN Jiayong, CUI Liang, CHEN Laisheng, HE Guangxi and LIU Qigen
            Community structures and functional groups of phytoplankton in Qiandao Lake



            [PDF 552KB] (196)

            • WEI Xianyun, GU Jing, ZHANG Mingquan, QIN Zhijie, DILINAER Ainiwaer and GONG Xiaoling
              Age structure and growth of silver carp and bighead carp in Qingcaosha Reservoir in Shanghai



              [PDF 552KB] (204)

              • LI Li, WANG Xue, JIAN Yuxia, LIU Yuanwen, GAO Fengxiang, PAN Lei, GUO Wen and HU Fawen
                Correlation and path analysis between morphological traits and body mass of Hexagrammos otakii at different months of age



                [PDF 552KB] (186)

                • WANG Haining, JIANG Xiaodong, DENG Deng, WU Xugan, WANG Shaobing and CHENG Yongxu
                  Evaluation of culture performance of wild megalopae and offspring of wild broodstock of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis during juvenile culture stage



                  [PDF 552KB] (187)

                  • SONG Tai, HUANG Ting, ZHANG Chenjie, PENG Shiming, GAO Quanxin and SHI Zhaohong
                    Effects of two kinds of dissolved copper on growth and immune function of Litopenaeus vannamei



                    [PDF 552KB] (170)

                    • FAN Lipeng, LIU Wenchang, TAN Hongxin, LUO Guozhi, SUN Dachuan, ZHNAG Nannan and CAO Baoxin
                      Control measures of biofloc-technology aquaculture under light condition



                      [PDF 552KB] (179)

                      • SUN Bochao, YANG Yunkai, WANG Hailiang, SONG Xiaoling and HUANG Jie
                        Effects of probiotics combination on breeding of Litopenaeus vannamei under zero-water exchange condition



                        [PDF 552KB] (161)

                        • TIAN Changfeng, CHE Xuan, LIU Xingguo, ZHOU Yin and WANG Jian
                          Design of sediment collection device for pond culture



                          [PDF 552KB] (176)

                          • QIAO Hongjin, HU Dongxue, HU Wenjing, ZHANG Yan, WANG Xiaoyan, HUANG Bingshan, WANG Jiying and LI Baoshan
                            Effects of dietary Sargassum thunbergii powder on growth performance, body composition, antioxidation and non-specific immune parameters of juvenile turbot



                            [PDF 552KB] (153)

                            • JI Shifeng, WANG Zhiyuan, LI Shisheng, ZHANG Xianjin, GAO Chunmei, HU Maogang and JIN Xiaoli
                              Engineering application of membrane concentrated pesticide wastewater



                              [PDF 552KB] (151)

                              • LI Na, FAN Haimei, XU Peng and YE Shufeng
                                Application of BP neural network model in water environmental carrying capacity research of Xiangshan Bay



                                [PDF 552KB] (192)

                                • YAN Wenchao, SONG Weihua, YU Cungen, ZHOU Qingsong, ZHENG Ji, LIU Hui, DENG Xiaoyan and ZHANG Ping
                                  Community structure of shrimps and crabs in spring and autumn in Oujiang River Estuary



                                  [PDF 552KB] (170)

                                  • CHEN Yangyang, CHEN Xinjun, GUO Lixin and FANG Zhou
                                    Fishing ground forecasting on Katsuwonus pelamis based on different climatic conditions in western and central Pacific Ocean



                                    [PDF 552KB] (169)

                                    • ZHANG Chang and CHEN Xinjun
                                      Forecasting model for spotted mackerel biomass based on grey system theory



                                      [PDF 552KB] (153)