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"Shanghai Ocean University" (the original "Shanghai Fisheries University") was founded in 1992, is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in charge of Shanghai Ocean University, in aquatic science and technology-based integrated academic journals. In reflecting school science disciplines while and incorporate the latest domestic and international aquaculture industry dynamics and scientific achievements, and promote academic exchanges and prosperity and teaching research. To 2016 "Shanghai Ocean University" has published 25 volumes of 160 pages for.more>>

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  • 2017.(4):0


    [PDF 552KB] (179)

    [Figures & Tables]
    • CHEN Lin, TIAN Xue, MI Jiali, HUANG Xinqiang, WANG Lei, DONG Chuanju and LI Xuejun
      Developmental and morphological study of intermuscular bones in Cyprinus carpio haematopterus



      [PDF 552KB] (180)

      [Figures & Tables]
      • TAN Hongxin, PANG Yun, WANG Chaohui, LUO Guozhi and LIU Wenchang
        Preliminary study on domesticating nitrifying bio-flocs to rear Litopenaeus vannamei



        [PDF 552KB] (254)

        [Figures & Tables]
        • LIU Li, JIANG Xiaodong, WU Xugan, DENG Deng and CHENG Yongxu
          Effects of dietary fish oil replacement by vegetable oils on reproductive performance of Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)



          [PDF 552KB] (197)

          [Figures & Tables]
          • LIU Chunhua, ZHAO Changchen, LUO Xia, JIANG Xiaoyan, GONG Hua and HUANG Zhibin
            Effect of astragalus polysaccharides on nonspecific immunity of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus)



            [PDF 552KB] (195)

            [Figures & Tables]
            • DING Pingzhen, WEI Zhangliang, TAO Yandong, WANG Yi, ZHANG Jianheng, YU Kefeng, HE Peimin and HUO Yuanzi
              The evaluation of water quality in enclosed mariculture bay and assessment of bioremediation abilities of Ulva flexuosa



              [PDF 552KB] (166)

              [Figures & Tables]
              • XU Junchao, XU Ren and LIU Caicai
                Acute toxic effects of Pinghu crude oil on marine organisms



                [PDF 552KB] (214)

                [Figures & Tables]
                • SHI Qinxuan, SUN Boyi, WANG Jun, YE Xueping, ZHOU Dongren and HU Yaqin
                  Study on heavy metal concentration and their food safety assessment in the muscle of fishes in Qiantang River



                  [PDF 552KB] (186)

                  [Figures & Tables]
                  • ZHOU Qin, MA Zengling, YUAN Xingwei and SHEN Angl
                    Studies on growth and phosphorous uptake kinetics of Karenia mikimotoi at the different phosphorous levels



                    [PDF 552KB] (238)

                    [Figures & Tables]
                    • ZOU Min, ZHANG Shouyu, ZHOU Xijie and ZHAO Xu
                      Study of Sargassum vachellianum detritus degradation processes in differenet dissolved oxygen concentration gradient



                      [PDF 552KB] (181)

                      [Figures & Tables]
                      • ZHANG Xiang, SHEN Wei, TONG Jianfeng, ZHANG Shouyu, GONG Xiaoling, CHEN Ming and WEI Xianyun
                        Evaluation of fish resources in Qingcaosha Reservoir based on dual-frequency identification sonar technology



                        [PDF 552KB] (187)

                        [Figures & Tables]
                        • WANG Haozhan, DAI Xiaojie, GAO Chunxia and WANG Jiaqi
                          Preliminary analysis of crocodile shark (Pseudocarcharias kamoharai) resources information and spatial distribution in the tropical Atlantic Ocean



                          [PDF 552KB] (147)

                          [Figures & Tables]
                          • ZHANG Ping, YU Cungen, SHUI Yuyue, WENG Liangcai, DING Jianwei, DENG Xiaoyan, XU Yongjiu, ZHENG Ji, XIE Xu and MIAO Lu
                            Species composition and quantitative distribution of shrimp and its changing trendency in Zhoushan coastal waters



                            [PDF 552KB] (167)

                            [Figures & Tables]
                            • ZHANG Hu, BEN Chengkai, FANG Zhou, YUAN Jianmei, YU Wenwen, GAO Jixian and LIU Bilin
                              The composition of fish community in south Haizhou Bay based on the trawling survey



                              [PDF 552KB] (162)

                              [Figures & Tables]
                              • CHEN Zimo, CHEN Xinjun, LIN Dongming, WEI Yanran, CHEN Cheng, WEI Guang and CHEN Yangyang
                                The fecundity of common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) in the offshore area of Mauritania



                                [PDF 552KB] (182)

                                [Figures & Tables]
                                • SUN Lufeng and LI Xiuqi
                                  Comparison of zooplankton characteristics in different communities of Dongshan Bay



                                  [PDF 552KB] (176)

                                  [Figures & Tables]
                                  • CHU Xiaolin
                                    The international law analysis of fishery and the protection of Chinese sovereignty over the Nansha Islands



                                    [PDF 552KB] (173)

                                    [Figures & Tables]
                                    • HU Qingsong, WANG Man, CHEN Leilei, LI Jun and YANG Xingkai
                                      Design and realization of pond eccentric hydrodynamic equipment control system



                                      [PDF 552KB] (178)

                                      [Figures & Tables]
                                      • LI Nan, WANG Xichang and ZHENG Fuping
                                        Identification of Chinese mitten crab volatile compounds based on MAE-SAFE-GC×GC/HR-TOFMS



                                        [PDF 552KB] (134)

                                        [Figures & Tables]