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"Shanghai Ocean University" (the original "Shanghai Fisheries University") was founded in 1992, is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in charge of Shanghai Ocean University, in aquatic science and technology-based integrated academic journals. In reflecting school science disciplines while and incorporate the latest domestic and international aquaculture industry dynamics and scientific achievements, and promote academic exchanges and prosperity and teaching research. To 2017 "Shanghai Ocean University" has published 26 volumes of 160 pages per volume.

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Feature Article
  • SHI Yonghai, XU Jiabo, LIU Yongshi, DENG Pingping, XIE Yongde, ZHANG Haiming and YAN Yinlong
    Growth regularity and difference of young fish American shad Alosa sapidissima cultured in outdoor and shaded ponds



    [PDF 552KB] (252)

    • HU Yanjie, DAI Xilin, ZHOU Xun and DING Fujiang
      Effects of Sr2+ and H3BO3 on survival and metabolism of Macrobrachium rosenbergii and metabolizing enzymes in juveniles



      [PDF 552KB] (210)

      • LIU Zengyu, ZHOU Zhicheng and LÜ Weiqun
        Effects of light cycle on the circadian rhythm of juvenile Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus



        [PDF 552KB] (221)

        • LI Yuangu, LI Kang and LIU Liping
          Nutritional analysis and evaluation of eggs from the artificially induced maturation Anguilla japonica



          [PDF 552KB] (222)

          • GAO Quan and LÜ Weiqun
            Effects of aging on the respiratory metabolism and swimming behavior of zebrafish



            [PDF 552KB] (164)

            • HAN Junjun, HU Jiangwei, SHI Chunming and ZHANG Renming
              Effects of 2-phenoxyethanol as anaesthetics on juvenile Aspiorhynchus laticeps under different conditions



              [PDF 552KB] (185)

              • FENG Jianbin, MA Keyi and LI Jiale
                Path analysis of the effects of morphological attributes on body mass in Macrobrachium nipponense



                [PDF 552KB] (168)

                • ZHONG Guofang, ZHOU Hongqi and HUA Xueming
                  Effect of corn gluten meal partially replaced fish meal on digestive enzymes activities in puffer (Fugu obscurus)



                  [PDF 552KB] (175)

                  • CHONG Linxuan, LIU Ruhan, YIN Liping, MIAO Xuemei and CHEN Lijing
                    Effect of pen crab farming on phytoplankton community structure



                    [PDF 552KB] (208)

                    • CHEN Wei, TAN Hongxin, LUO Guozhi, SUN Dachuan and LIU Wenchang
                      Effects of stocking density on water quality and growth of Litopenaeus vannamei during construction of nitrifying biofloc system



                      [PDF 552KB] (162)

                      • LIU Zefeng, LUO Guozhi, TAN Hongxin and MENG Haoyan
                        Effect of carbohydrates addition methods on start-up efficiency of seawater biofloc technology system



                        [PDF 552KB] (173)

                        • JI Yu, XI Xiuqing, ZHAN Yanhui, CHEN Haiyang, LIN Jianwei, CHEN Lu, HOU Yuwei, LI Zhiqiang, LI Shisheng and HAN Xingyu
                          Efficiency of sediment capping with magnetic iron/zirconium-modified zeolites to control phosphorus release from sediments



                          [PDF 552KB] (184)

                          • QIU Zhewen, LIU Jing, ZHAO Kaibin, WU Huixian and XUE Junzeng
                            Effects of shellfish release on macrobenthic communities in the subtidal zone in the northern branch of the Yangtze River Estuary



                            [PDF 552KB] (150)

                            • XU Zili, LIU Liang, YUAN Lin, WU Huixian and XUE Junzeng
                              Effects of ecological restoration of electric pole reef on habitat environment in the Yangtze River Estuary



                              [PDF 552KB] (191)

                              • YANG Xiangshuai, ZOU Xiaorong, XU Xiangxiang and WANG Zian
                                Effects of ENSO on abundance index and spatial-temporal change of Chilean jack mackerel in the Southeast Pacific Ocean



                                [PDF 552KB] (172)

                                • GUAN Wenjiang and WU Jiawen
                                  Impacts of shape parameter of surplus production model on stock assessment of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna



                                  [PDF 552KB] (189)

                                  • LI Furong, SHI Wenzheng and LI Yan
                                    Separation and preparation of Euphausia superba antioxidant peptides by high speed countercurrent chromatography



                                    [PDF 552KB] (191)

                                    • ZHAO Tao, HE Long, LI Wei, GAO Hao, HU Qingsong and ZHANG Lizhen
                                      Design of an unmanned semi-submersible vehicle



                                      [PDF 552KB] (207)