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"Shanghai Ocean University" (the original "Shanghai Fisheries University") was founded in 1992, is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in charge of Shanghai Ocean University, in aquatic science and technology-based integrated academic journals. In reflecting school science disciplines while and incorporate the latest domestic and international aquaculture industry dynamics and scientific achievements, and promote academic exchanges and prosperity and teaching research. To 2016 "Shanghai Ocean University" has published 25 volumes of 160 pages for.more>>

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  • 2018.(1):0


    [PDF 552KB] (80)

    [Figures & Tables]
    • CHEN Yuehua, HE Peimin and YANG Jinquan
      Molecular identification of fish eggs in Enteromorpha of Rudong sea area based on DNA barcode



      [PDF 552KB] (92)

      [Figures & Tables]
      • YU Miao, FANG Jian, LI Lingyu, PAN Qihua, XUE Ting, DENG Yu, CHEN Kai and CHEN Tiansheng
        Prokaryotic expression and polyclonal antibody preparation of Oct4 protein in Megalobrama amblycephala



        [PDF 552KB] (95)

        [Figures & Tables]
        • GE Lingling, SONG Jiakun and FAN Chunxin
          The Wnt signaling affects development of the lateral line by regulating the specification of lateral line placode in the zebrafish



          [PDF 552KB] (83)

          [Figures & Tables]
          • DU Xinlu, WU Jiacheng, LU Meng and YAN Jizhou
            A simple and feasible method for drug administration from body surface injection into zebrafish gonad



            [PDF 552KB] (95)

            [Figures & Tables]
            • SONG Lulu, WANG Xiaojie and SONG Jiakun
              Effects of ocean acidification on the sexual differentation of marine medaka Oryzias melastigma



              [PDF 552KB] (106)

              [Figures & Tables]
              • WANG Mengle, CHEN Naisong, LI Songlin, LIAN Xueyuan and YAN Chunwei
                Study on replacement of fish meal by two plant protein mixtures in diets for largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)



                [PDF 552KB] (99)

                [Figures & Tables]
                • PU Jincheng, ZHAN Jia, LIU Dengpan, DU Li, LI Yuangu and LIU Liping
                  The determination of steroid hormones in Anguilla japonica gonad and blood during the artificial induction of maturation by UPLC-MS/MS



                  [PDF 552KB] (79)

                  [Figures & Tables]
                  • XU Jiabo, SHUI Chun, SHI Yonghai, XIE Yongde, LU Genhai, ZHANG Haiming and LIU Yongshi
                    Study of growth characteristics of pond-reared one-year-old Alosa sapidissima



                    [PDF 552KB] (89)

                    [Figures & Tables]
                    • CUI Qianjin, SHANG Shengnan, CAI Zhonglu, CHEN Bing, CAO Yue, HAO Jialin, ZHOU Xueli and JIANG Chen
                      Influence of salinity, temperature and body weight on oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion of Pleuronectes yokohama juvenile



                      [PDF 552KB] (115)

                      [Figures & Tables]
                      • LIU Jie and HUANG Jintian
                        The relationship between Onchidium struma's spawning regularity and astronomical tides



                        [PDF 552KB] (85)

                        [Figures & Tables]
                        • MENG Shunlong, XU Pao, LI Dandan, QIU Liping, HU Gengdong, FAN Limin, SONG Chao, WU Wei, ZHENG Yao and CHEN Jiazhang
                          Community structure of phytoplankton in pond industrial eco-aquaculture system culturing Megalobrama amblycephala



                          [PDF 552KB] (88)

                          [Figures & Tables]
                          • WANG Xingzhong, ZOU Xia, HE Sixia, LIU Chen and SHAO Xiaoyang
                            Application of macroinvertebrate functional groups to estimate the ecosystem health in the downstream of the East Tiaoxi River



                            [PDF 552KB] (74)

                            [Figures & Tables]
                            • ZHENG Yao, CHEN Jiazhang, HU Gengdong, ZHAO Zhixiang, MENG Shunlong, FAN Limin, SONG Chao and BING Xuwen
                              The effect of pond pollutants removal for rotation by water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) and cress (Oenanthe stolonifera)



                              [PDF 552KB] (85)

                              [Figures & Tables]
                              • ZHOU Yanfeng, XU Dongpo, WANG Huan, LIU Kai, YOU Yang and BU Jianping
                                The spatiotemporal variations analysis of water quality and primary productivity in Dianshan Lake National Aquatic Germplasm Resources Conservation Area of Asian Clam and Erythroculter Ilishaeformis



                                [PDF 552KB] (68)

                                [Figures & Tables]
                                • XU Dongpo, FAN Yingchun, ZHOU Yanfeng, CHEN Yongjin and LIU Kai
                                  Spatial and temporal variations of Acheilognathinae in Lake Taihu



                                  [PDF 552KB] (95)

                                  [Figures & Tables]
                                  • TANG Bin, TONG Yunyun, TANG Wenqiao and ZHANG Ya
                                    Population size survery of Yangtze finless porpoise in the Dongfengxisha waters of Yangtze River Estuary



                                    [PDF 552KB] (86)

                                    [Figures & Tables]
                                    • ZHANG Huawei, PENG Xin, LIU Junfeng and XUE Feng
                                      Community structure of macrobenthos in the intertidal zones of Nanji Islands in winter and summer



                                      [PDF 552KB] (88)

                                      [Figures & Tables]
                                      • JIA Yusheng, WANG Xingxing, PAN Yingjie and WANG Yongjie
                                        Isolation and identification of Lactobacillus kefiri from Tibetan kefir grains



                                        [PDF 552KB] (87)

                                        [Figures & Tables]
                                        • LIU Yudao, GAO Guoping, ZHAO Jinping, JIAO Yutian and WANG Xiaoyu
                                          Analysis of summer air-sea heat flux based on moored buoy observations and comparison to with the ERA-Interim/OAFlux in the Nordic Seas



                                          [PDF 552KB] (85)

                                          [Figures & Tables]