Research on Deng Xiaoping’s three criteria’ relation
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Key Words: Deng Xiaoping  criterion  relation
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HE Ai hua 上海海洋大学 校办公室 
DONG Yu lai 上海海洋大学 社会科学部 
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      Deng Xiaoping advocated three criteria. Practice is the only criterion to test truth. There are two criteria:public ownership is the main part and common prosperity to judge socialism.He also put forward ‘three favors ’criterion. Practice criterion is the basis for quality criterion and value criterion, quality criterion and value criterion turn into one unity in practice. We must deal with their relations. There exist some phenomena sometimes in some places, for example, to substitute quality criterion for value criterion, to dissimilate value criterion and distort quality criterion,to emphasize quality criterion affecting value criterion, to substitute value criterion for quality criterion. All these phenomena deal with the practice criterion. To sum up the experience, we must realize and handle the relations among them. We must stick to practice criterion, deepen the knowledge about value criterion and quality criterion, try to find rule for development, and enhance socialism with Chinese characteristics.