Reproductive characteristics of the floating algae in green tide
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Key Words: green tide  floating algae  Ulva prolifera  reproductive characteristics
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ZHANG Hua-wei 上海海洋大学 教育部水产种质资源发掘利用重点实验室 
MA Jia-hai 上海海洋大学 教育部水产种质资源发掘利用重点实验室 
HU Xiang 国家海洋局北海分局 
YANG Jian-qiang 国家海洋局北海分局 
ZHANG Tian-fu 上海海洋大学 教育部水产种质资源发掘利用重点实验室 
CHEN Bin-bin 上海海洋大学 教育部水产种质资源发掘利用重点实验室 
XU Ren 国家海洋局东海环境监测中心 
YE Shu-feng 国家海洋局东海环境监测中心 
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      In the last three years, vast green tides occurred repeatedly in the Yellow Sea area every summer. The biomass of floating green tide algae increased fast in a few months, moreover, the area covered by floating green tide algae expanded sharply. The material of this study is the dominant species Ulva prolifera in green tide. The reproductive characteristics study of the floating green algae showed that every square centimeter of the thalli produced about 5.35×106 spores or 1.07×107 gametes; during May to August, 25% surface area of the mature thalli produced about 1.15×107 spores or 2.31×107gametes. Parthenogenesis and asexual reproduction are the main reproductive modes of the floating green algae. Gametes showed intensive positive phototaxis, after syngamy, motile zygotes showed negative phototaxis. The spores and gametes could grow to new thalli independently, and the same to motile zygotes. As a result, the strong reproductive capacity of floating green tide algae Ulva prolifera might be the main reason of green tide occurrence.