Guidelines to Authors(投稿须知)


Aims and Scope

The Journal of Shanghai Ocean University(hereafter JSOU)  is a comprehensive academic journal focusing on marine and fisheries science and technology in China. Formerly as the Journal of Shanghai Fisheries University, it was renamed in accordance with the change of university's name in 2008. JSOU welcomes papers in marine environment, ocean engineering, oceanographic information, marine fisheries, aquaculture biotechnology, aquaculture and multiplication, preservation and processing and comprehensive utilization of aquatic products, fishery waters environment protection, fisheries economics and technology management, etc. it also accepts papers for academic development and book reviews.  

Paper submission

The following contents (information page) should be attached by the first author or corresponding author to the first page independent of the article:

(1) The author(s) will be responsible for the paper. It requires clear arguments, reliable data, concise and succinct writing (including the title, graphs, charts, and literature), focusing on compilation of the new methods, new ideas and new results, etc.

(2) Papers should be submitted only via the JSOUs online submission website at JSOU will contact the author for revision when it is necessary.  Editorial department: QQ: 1351669176. E-mail: The submitted paper cannot be sent to other publications unless the author fails to hear from the editors three months later.

(3) Publication fees will be charged for accepted papers. The copyright royalties and print and online version of royalties will be paid one time and a number of journals will be sent to the author(s).

Requirements for the papers

(1) Paper requirements: Chinese title, authorship, authors institution (to the secondary level) and the location and postal code, Chinese abstract (about 400 Chinese characters), key words (3~8, the object of the study should be set at the beginning), Chinese Book Classification Number (CLC number), English title, authorship, authors institution (to the secondary unit) and the location and postal code, English Abstract (Corresponding to the Chinese one), Key words (Corresponding to the Chinese ones), the body and references. Please specify the received dateFoundation item: (number)Author's profile: name (birth year), gender, title, degree, and research area in the footer of the homepage. Indicate the name and the E-mail address of the corresponding author.

(2) Illustrations and photographs should be clear. Using the form of the "three-line table" which needs to be concise and it does not repeat the content. Figures and tables are not to be shown separately. They should be kept in the proper order and indicate the title of the figures and tables in the paper and the corresponding page number. These should be in English and Chinese.

(3) The academic term, name, terminology, weights and measures and their symbols of the article should meet the national standards.

(4) The cited references should be the latest, the most important and should be openly published literature either nationally or internationally. If the number of the authors in the references is not more than 3 persons, all the authors should be listed. If the number of the authors is more than 3, the first 3 authors should be listed and then add et al.. The cited references should be complete. The names are listed with the surname first and then the given name for both Chinese and foreigners. All the letters of the surname and the first letter of the given name should be capitalized, and do not add . to the abbreviation name. The first letter of the English title should be capitalized, page numbers linked with -, and using . at the end of a paragraph. The references are listed after the main body, one per line. All the references listed in the paper are standardized by the sequential coding system that the number in square brackets, and in the upper right hand corner. The type of each reference shall be marked. Reference should be added the corresponding English version.